About Seidr Whispers

Jae M

Divination, spirituality, and personal growth has been a passion of mine since I was quite young. The magic all started when I picked my first deck (which I still have) out at 13 years old, and I fell in love with the art of divination. My studies continued and pulled me towards the wisdom of the runes, and then the knowledge we have in our very hands through palmistry.

It has been a passion and a purpose of mine to help others on their personal journeys through life, and to share my journey as well. I believe we heal and grow from within community, and this is how I’m happy to serve mine.

My Approach

My approach to readings is to use a combination of years of study, symbolism, and intuitive connection. I will either connect with you, your guides, or your higher self depending on your preference and spiritual background. The reading is a safe and confidential space, and I will do my best to meet your spiritual needs for our session.

It is my goal to give you honest answers. I am not afraid to disclose when I do not know something or if the question is outside of my skill set. I will always value transparency and integrity over projecting a desired answer into the reading. If you have any further questions regarding my process, feel free to reach out!


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