Rune of the Week: Introduction

If you have been following me for a while on social media, you may have noticed that I post a rune of the week. Think of these like a forecast, a weekly focus, or an affirmation depending on how you receive its message. Runes have such an interesting and complex spiritual energy behind them, and […]

Reading Your Life with Crystals

When we seek out answers or spiritual guidance, many turn to tarot or another divination system to gain some clarity. These are wonderful tools for your journey, but did you know you can also work with crystals as a reading? One way to do this kind of reading on yourself is to take note of […]

Tarot Reading

An in depth tarot reading focusing on anything you feel you could use extra guidance on. Questions can range from specific to broad areas of your life, and it is perfectly okay to have more than one. If you do not have a question in mind, the default is often a general life path reading, […]


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