Isa’s Lessons

One of the runic energies that I feel we as humans struggle with the most is Isa. The rune of ice is disruptive, slows things down, and delays or stops progress altogether; or at least that is how it appears to most. Its energy is very much like that of a blanket of ice that […]

Rune of the Week: Introduction

If you have been following me for a while on social media, you may have noticed that I post a rune of the week. Think of these like a forecast, a weekly focus, or an affirmation depending on how you receive its message. Runes have such an interesting and complex spiritual energy behind them, and […]

An Introduction

Welcome to where I will be blurting out all of my musings and thoughts on spirituality, divination, and my personal reflections. I wanted to start this back when I noticed I was constantly tempted to drone on and on about anything in my realm of experience while chatting with friends and other like-minded individuals. I’ve […]


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