Working with Tarot Archetypes

Tarot can be so much more than just a divination system used to get answers. Within us all, we have different facets of our personality and soul that we can call on for help, support, or just to learn the lessons we need. The cards and their guidance can help us do that through a process of connecting to the archetype of the cards themselves and bringing forth these qualities within you.  

For example, let’s say you are coming into a period of your life where you are needing to have more motivation and inspiration in your pursuits. Perhaps you would need the energy of the Queen of Wands, who is not only the queen of passions and ambitions, but also is an expert at self leadership and having the confidence to do things her way. The energy behind that archetype could help you lead yourself to where you need to be. 

To work with a tarot card in this way, try the following: 

  • Bring this card out to meditate with 
  • Place a stick of incense on the card while you reflect on it, then pick the stick up and light it, flowing the smoke over you as it contains the energy behind the chosen card. 
  • Set this card aside somewhere visible like a nightstand or altar 
  • Draw and doodle designs you think you associate with them 
  • Use their image as your phone background as a reminder 
  • Use them as journal prompts

Doing some of the things on this list helps to bring you closer to the energy you need to be working with, and can give you so much insight into where your blockages may be. You can do readings alongside this process, but you do not need to. This encourages you to find the answers within and to guide yourself forward. I suggest picking something from the list that keeps the card present in your day to day life (like the phone wallpaper or putting it on your nightstand) and combining it with a more active approach such as journaling or meditation. This list is only to encourage you, allow yourself to expand with more creative ideas to connect with them too if you feel called to. 

Recommended journal prompts:

  • What do I have in common with this card, and how are we different? 
  • What skills do I need from this card at this time? 
  • Is this an archetype that feels easy to connect to, or is it challenging? Why? 
  • What are some day to day things I can change to better embody this card? 
  • Are there people in my life that remind me of this card? 
  • Specific prompts associated with the card, for our example the Queen of Wands:
    • How can I be stepping into a leadership role more? 
    • Where am I lacking confidence?
    • Where do I need to be taking control back in my life? 

Connecting with tarot in this way can bring you such a deep connection with both the cards and yourself. They are not just cards, but an entire guidance system right there for us to work with. You can choose the cards consciously for certain things, or ask the deck to tell you who you need in your corner. The guidance will challenge and empower you, and it can provide so much enrichment to your personal practice. 

What are some creative ways you have, or have wanted to, connect with the cards?

Posted by Jae M on 05/24/23


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