Rune of the Week: Introduction

Elder Futhark Runes

If you have been following me for a while on social media, you may have noticed that I post a rune of the week. Think of these like a forecast, a weekly focus, or an affirmation depending on how you receive its message.

Runes have such an interesting and complex spiritual energy behind them, and it is because of the complexity of their energy that learning to work with them goes a bit beyond memorising keywords. Runes must be experienced to be truly understood. Working with them is an active process, as they are living energies that always have more to teach. 

In my personal practice I have found it helpful to consistently select a rune to focus on and let it lead my spiritual practice for a week. For those also learning runes, no matter what your experience level with them is at, you may find it helpful to follow along either by working with the existing rune of the week or pulling your own. By doing this, the rune of the week can provide you with: 

  • A point of focus of the week 
  • A meditation inspiration or prompt 
  • Practice connecting with runic energy 
  • Seeing how the runes play out in your day to day life
  • Have a rune as a guide for the week and get to know it on a personal level 

Along with the rune of the week announcements, there will be a blog post going more in depth on how to connect with the runic energy, balance it in your life, and what it means when it pops up in a reading or out in the world. If you follow along, please feel free to share your personal experiences! 

What experiences have you had with runes? Do any of them stand out to you?

Posted by Jae M on 05/27/23


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