Reading Your Life with Crystals

Labradorite, Iolite, Fluorite

When we seek out answers or spiritual guidance, many turn to tarot or another divination system to gain some clarity. These are wonderful tools for your journey, but did you know you can also work with crystals as a reading?

One way to do this kind of reading on yourself is to take note of any crystals that have suddenly caught your interest. You may never have looked twice at Lepidolite when you browse through crystals but suddenly you feel drawn to it. For stones that come in a variety of colors, maybe you are presently only feeling a connection to a particular one, and the color may have a significant message for you. Maybe you have been gifted a type of crystal you never really felt a connection to in the past, but this particular one feels special. These are things to pay attention to! This will tell you a lot about where you are at right now and what needs you may have when it comes to maintaining a balance. Consider it like a spiritual check-up.                       

Another interesting reading to do is to assess the patterns throughout your life. Have there been any crystals that have shown up consistently? Include the ones that may have been present for a few years and faded out later in life, note an estimate of when this happened. You can go even deeper if you wish! What is your birthstone? Birth crystal? What stones are associated with the dominant signs in your birth chart? Are there crystals you actually kind of avoided or disliked during certain times of your life? All of this can be helpful. 

If you have a variety of tumbled stones, another great way to do a reading on yourself is to put them in a bag and draw one (or more) out in response to a question. This works best for questions like:

  • How do I rebalance my energy? 
  • What am I lacking right now? 
  • How can I connect more with myself? 

Basically, questions that seek out answers regarding the skill set that crystals have. In addition to this, if you like having a crystal companion with you throughout the day, allow yourself to be responsive to which ones you select and for how long. What are they communicating to you through your interest in them? What qualities are you intuitively seeking out? 

How to interpret the readings:

This takes an open mind, practice, and patience.

Take note of what these crystals typically mean and highlight any patterns. Don’t stop at the surface level meaning, look to see if there is any folklore or historical use of them as well.

Do you tend to be drawn to crystals that enhance intuitive abilities? You may have some untapped gifts to uncover! 

If there is a significant presence of crystals that protect or clear energy, you may have a tendency to pick up stray energy and remain too vulnerable at times.

A presence of a lot of crystals with an emphasis on communication may mean that you need to open up more and have something of value you are meant to share. 

These are just examples of how to use the meaning of the crystals to get a read on your life path, how you are doing currently, and what you may need to keep in alignment. Apply the meanings to the context of your questions and you may uncover quite a bit about yourself! 

If you tried this, did anything unexpected come up?

Posted by Jae M on 05/06/23


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