An Introduction

Welcome to where I will be blurting out all of my musings and thoughts on spirituality, divination, and my personal reflections. I wanted to start this back when I noticed I was constantly tempted to drone on and on about anything in my realm of experience while chatting with friends and other like-minded individuals. I’ve even rambled in an instagram post or two about things that caught my attention. I have a lot to say about these topics that have been a foundation of my life for so many years ever since I picked my first tarot deck up at the age of 13, and I hope that some of it may be entertaining or even helpful. I would like to give a little background into the person behind the readings. There was a time that the idea of being vulnerable about my spiritual practices would have terrified me, but I have found that vulnerability can be extremely powerful.

 To start, I would have to say that I see my spiritual side as a tree. 

The root of my practice is first and foremost animism. I feel like there is a spirit or energy in most things such as trees, rocks, and even homes. This is the foundation of everything for me, and creates a focus in my practice of tending to the balance between relationships. You and yourself, you and others, you and the trees, you and the space you live, you and the raw energies around you. These are all things that need tending to just as much as our personal selves. 

If the root of my practice is animism, the trunk of it is trolldom. Trolldom is a type of folk magic that very much aligns with my animistic beliefs. I tend to the energy around me, and if I approach things correctly I can interpret things or even change things. It involves having a good relationship with the spirits and honoring the gifts you’ve been given and where those gifts have come from. This I may share my experiences of, but I do not teach it as it is a practice that requires approval from a teacher in order to pass on the knowledge in an official capacity, and I am much more comfortable still being a student at this time. I have found that trolldom is a lifestyle and perspective just as much as it is a spiritual practice. 

The branches of my practice are the different forms of divination I do. Seidr, which I have named my business after, is a spiritual practice that involves trance, fateweaving, and oracular divination. Unfortunately, the old ways of performing this practice have not survived, so what I do is contemporary seidr that has been patched together through surviving folk magic practices (trolldom), historical and cultural knowledge, and a unique perspective on the Norse myths. Some of my seidr sessions are deeply ritual and specific, and some are woven in with my other divination forms that I use such as tarot and especially runes. I consider those in addition to my tea leaf readings and meditations to be branches as well, all connected to the big tree. 

The leaves of my practice are the little things I do that help keep my practice alive. Ritual, little habits, self-care, cleansing myself and my space, and sharing what needs to be shared with others all play a part. This blog, my social media pages, and even the spiritual group I taugh some time ago all play a part in the tree that makes up my practice. And like a tree, while it can simply be, it needs to be fed and watered and cared for in order to thrive. Understanding it this way has helped me connect all that I do and to keep it in alignment with my life and my community. 

This is how I see my approach to spirituality (and this blog), and I cannot wait to share more. I plan on posting everything from information on the runes and tarot cards to deeper knowledge on trance and meditation, and sometimes just my thoughts in general. It is my hope that I can not only get all these inner rambles out there, but that it may also help someone on their own journey, and that perhaps I will come across more people within the community in the process. 

If your practice was a tree, what would make up the different parts of it?

Jun 26, 2022 - Walla Walla, WA

Posted by Jae M on 03/24/23


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