Isa’s Lessons

One of the runic energies that I feel we as humans struggle with the most is Isa. The rune of ice is disruptive, slows things down, and delays or stops progress altogether; or at least that is how it appears to most. Its energy is very much like that of a blanket of ice that […]

The Different Kinds of Ancestors

Did you know that there are multiple types of ancestors? They are not just our family members that are related to us by blood! In life, as humans, we experience so many different kinds of deep connections. We sometimes end up valuing found connections more than born connections, and this goes for our relationships with […]

Rune of the Week: Introduction

If you have been following me for a while on social media, you may have noticed that I post a rune of the week. Think of these like a forecast, a weekly focus, or an affirmation depending on how you receive its message. Runes have such an interesting and complex spiritual energy behind them, and […]

Working with Tarot Archetypes

Tarot can be so much more than just a divination system used to get answers. Within us all, we have different facets of our personality and soul that we can call on for help, support, or just to learn the lessons we need. The cards and their guidance can help us do that through a […]

Reading Your Life with Crystals

When we seek out answers or spiritual guidance, many turn to tarot or another divination system to gain some clarity. These are wonderful tools for your journey, but did you know you can also work with crystals as a reading? One way to do this kind of reading on yourself is to take note of […]

An Introduction

Welcome to where I will be blurting out all of my musings and thoughts on spirituality, divination, and my personal reflections. I wanted to start this back when I noticed I was constantly tempted to drone on and on about anything in my realm of experience while chatting with friends and other like-minded individuals. I’ve […]


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